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Woman's Skirt

Bidang is a woman’s skirt that is worn by the Dayak Desa women in the Sintang area of West Kalimantan. The mordanting process required to achieve the red dye is complex as it requires many different plants from the forest and is processed during a series of rituals.

The ikat motif on this textile is called pelangka which refers to a traditional wooden tool used to remove the husks from rice. A pelangka is also used by a wise person or Tabib to repel negative forces. A possessed person will sit on the pelangka while the Talib chants mantras to exorcise the disturbing spirit.

Warp ikat, single panel stitiched together to form a tube, commercial cotton, natural dyes.
Made in Sintang, West Kalimantan, 2016.
73x 61 cm / 29 x 24 in

US$ 600

Front and back views

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