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Ceramic Sake Cups

Ceramic Sake Cups

Threads of Life has sold Samajiva’s ceramics since its opening in 2001. We feel Samajiva’s work is based on the same principles as Threads of Life products in that they are hand built. inspired by a spiritual practice and a deep connection to nature.

From the gift of earth, water and fire.

Each sake cup is hand formed from earthen ware clay, transformed by heat of a1000 degrees, to a glowing molten red as the fragile sand and clay melt and fuse to become more like glass.

When cooled one holds a vessel created from the gift of earth, water, fire and the spirit that flows through the hands of the potter. Over-lapping glazes on each unique hand-pinched sake cup.

Stoneware. Made in Ubud, Bali, 2019.
8 x 8 cm approximately

US$120 for set of 5

Enquiries to jeanhowebali@gmail.com, please state the name of the textile.
First come first served basis — each buyer will have five working days to make payment.
Shipping, import duty, VAT not included.
All sales are final and no returns will be accepted.