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Higi Wo Pidu

Man’s Ceremonial Hip Cloth

The culture of Savu and Raijua places great weight on ancestry, birthplace and community life. The local traditional religion, called Jingi Tiu, requires every member of the village to participate in rituals and ceremonies.

The collective identity of the women descent groups are referred to as hubi and within that wini and the male descent groups are referred to as udu. This is the basis of Savunese culture, a legacy from the ancestors that demands to be honoured. Higi is translated as blanket and pidu means seven referring to the seven stripes in the textile.

The diamond shaped motif on this beautifully executed cloth is called boda which means footprint – the motif that looks like a boat is called dula and is a boat shape derived from the sheath of the lontar palm flower – the importance of the lontar palm in Savu is tremendous both ritually and practically.

Warp ikat, single panel, twisted fringe, commercial cotton, natural dyes.
Made by Sarlota Tede Dara in Savu, 2013.
194 x 78 cm


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