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Hinggi Hakaneng

Section of Man's Hip Cloth

A Hinggi is a two panel cloth sewn into one wide cloth – this textile is one part of such a large textile that is worn as a man’s hip cloth. The village of Hama Parengu maintains its animistic ties to the Marapu or ancestral beliefs – still following the traditional ways of caring for the land and maintaining strong social ties.

The interlinking star motif kandunu mapa kelung denotes social status. The lion or mahang motif is derived from the image of rampant lions found on Dutch coins. It represents power and bravery. The deer or ruhu pattern symobolizes high caste.

Warp ikat, single panel, commercial cotton, open fringe, natural dyes.
Made in Hama Parengu, 2019.
312 x 58 cm


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