Man’s or Woman’s Hip Wrap

A jarit cloth used to denote high status. The structure of the cloth is a representation of the agricultural rice growing landscapes.

The extremely delicate batik motif is called macam kembang which refers to a high caste person with charisma and special powers. Only a very skilled batik artist can make this motif.

Threads of Life is working to recover the indigo dye recipes with this village in Tuban, Java. Waxed pattens in handspun textile are sent to Bali where the Threads of Life dye studio dyes them and removes the wax.

Batik, single panel, handspun cotton, natural dyes.
Batik by Kasmi, woven by Rusmi, in Tuban, Java.2019
292 x 87 cm
T02.JA.MM. 275


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