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Woman’s Carrying Sling

A sayut cloth is used to denote high status. The structure of the cloth is a representation of the agricultural rice growing landscapes. The macramé fringes are made after the cloth is waved and before the cloth is batiked.

The motif is called guci which is a reference to the highly prized pottery jars that were traded from China for goods in Java. A cloth with these motifs would be suitable for a gift exchange at marriage. Dye farmers, spinners, weavers and batik artists in Tuban East Java work with Threads of Life. Together we aim to continue to produce high quality natural dyed traditional batik textiles while generating income for more than 100 families. 

Batik, single panel, macrame and twisted fringe, handspun cotton, natural dyes.
Batik by Nyonyah, woven by Lasmi, in Tuban, Java, 2019.
330 x 57 cm


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