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Shoulder Scarf

Selendang or shoulder scarf is a single panel textile that is made with ikat motifs using the red, blues and blacks of a sekomandi made by weavers in central Sulawesi who call themselves To Mangki Karataun. The shoulder scarf became used throughout the Indonesian archipelago when the woman’s top called kebaya became part of the national dress. Prior to this many traditional communities did not have this as part of their traditional dress.

The primary motif on this textile is called Ulu karua and refers to the eight traditional leaders who have specific roles and responsibilities for the wellbeing of their community. According to legend, an ancestor was given these motifs on an old cloth while meditating in a cave which he then brought back to the community to ask the weavers to weave.

Warp ikat, single panel, open fringe commercial cotton thread, natural dyes, warp ikat.
Made by Karataun weavers in Batuisi, Sulawesi, 2017.
205 x 18 cm


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