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A seser is a traditional scarf handwoven from locally grown, handspun cotton in East Java. The Threads of Life Natural Dye Studio has dyed these seser in three shades of indigo using Strobailanthes cusia, mustard using Artocarpus heterophyllus wood, and a deep rust using Ceriops tegal bark. All dyes are from sustainable sources.

Plain weave, single panel, twisted fringe, handspun cotton, natural dyes.
Approximately 230 x 50 cm

US$70 for all colours

US$50 for natural

Colours options: dark indigo, mid indigo, light indigo, mustard, rust.

Enquiries to, please state the name of the textile.
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Shipping, import duty, VAT not included.
All sales are final and no returns will be accepted.